Throughout my interior design career I have worked on projects in every sector, with budgets in the millions, celebrity clients and big name corporations but I am most proud of the people I have helped, predominantly women, find their voices in the construction process and own their style.


This process is about more than building a home. It’s about understanding your authentic self, what makes you happy and what you need to live your best life.  Then creating a space that reflects that vision.

I have a knack for creating something out of nothing. Combining textures, materials, things that don't belong into a symphony of beauty and balance. Creating something that is visually dynamic yet subtle. Exciting yet peaceful.  Grounded and simple yet more than you ever imagined. 

But that is not what makes me great.  I am a great interior designer because I can understand your vision and help you bring it to life.  I know the way from A to Z and can walk you through the roller coaster that is the construction process without losing sight of your vision.

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"You cannot afford NOT to hire Britney.  Choosing Britney as our designer was literally the best decision we made when deciding to tackle a home construction project. This is no exaggeration!  She saved our marriage and my sanity."  - Esther

"I couldn't be more thankful for the help, design and thoughtfulness Britney brought to me personally and our project.  I'll be sending pictures!"   - Kate 

"I had no idea what I was getting into.  I was overwhelmed, anxious and unable to make a decision when Britney showed up.  She VASTLY improved the direction of our project, my mindset and my life.   I am forever grateful for all her help"   - Tara

My clients want a beautiful home that is unique to them.  They have a vision, they have style, they just don’t know how to get there.  They want a house that fits them, a home they can be proud of.  A place that grows with them and is always the favorite place to be.  They want people to walk into their house and say ‘oh wow, this place is so you’ and in the most beautiful way.  They want a beautiful lifestyle that appears effortless. 

A home that requires little but gives them everything.