I'm Ready!
For homeowners looking to create a truly authentic home that supports and enhances the life you want to live without sacrificing your mental state, relationships or unique vision.

Designing and building a home is a ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS.

The FEAR of making the wrong choice, what if I hate it later?  

The ANXIETY of what other people think and how they'll judge you.

The OVERWHELMING amount of decisions to be made and options to choose from.

The STRESS associated with the large sums of money flying around.

The FINALITY that the choices you make today you will have to live with for the next 10+ years.

Feeling UNHEARD within your team and UNCOMFORTABLE on your own construction site.

Falling into the SELF DOUBT spiral and being CONFUSED by too much advice.

And general UNCERTAINTY.  What do I even want?


I’ve taken everything I have learned on the construction site and in the design studio, all the conversations with clients and turned it into an easy to follow, step by step walk through of the ENTIRE interior design and construction process of your new home.  From inspiration to moving in and it’s A LOT.  Building a home is a big undertaking.  Let’s just acknowledge that right now!   

This course is here to truly prepare you for what lies ahead when building a home and I will be sharing my secrets and strategies along the way that will make your project flow a lot smoother, help you feel more confident in your design and ultimately, build a home you absolutely love!

Let's do this!

How can I do this through an online course? 



- How to EVALUATE YOUR LIFE and the way you want to live so you can make decisions based on YOUR NEEDS and not current trends.

- How to find your AUTHENTIC VISION.  What's your interior design style and how to apply it to your project.

- Where to find INSPIRATION, how to evaluate and organize it and then what to even do with it.

- Where to find FLOOR PLANS, who can edit them and how to make sure it's the right plan to support the life you want to live.  With a deep dive discussing a variety of planning factors, areas people forget about, appropriate sizes of spaces, efficient work zones for the kitchen and bathroom with design details to consider and make your own.

- The FUNDAMENTALS OF INTERIOR DESIGN with a crash course in popular design styles, the language used and how to literally read those construction drawings on your counter.

- The HIERARCHY OF INTERIOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION - who does what and in which order along with the people who might make up YOUR TEAM and why you would hire them.

- More about MATERIALS than you ever thought possible!  Cabinets, flooring, countertops, hardware, fixtures, accents, interior and exterior.  The DECISIONS you have to make, the options available and how to feel confident in your choice.

- Even MORE ABOUT MATERIALS!  Room by room, what's appropriate where, why you might choose one product over another, where to go to find them and how to get the most of your salesperson.

- What's going on at your CONSTRUCTION SITE.  The phases your project will go through, what you need to be paying attention to, the decisions that need to be made, the emotions to expect and how to HOLD ONTO YOUR VISION. 

- How to get the best out of your crew and PROBLEM SOLVE like a team.

- How to ORGANIZE your project, material selections, furniture purchases and communications so you feel confident, prepared and on top of this process.  This is how NOT to get steamrolled by a construction project.


You already have the dream.  Let me show you how to make it a reality.

Even if you have no idea where to start.

Even if you don't know the kind of home you want to build.

Even if you are not building yet or well into the process.

Even if you think you can do this on your own.

Even if you are already overwhelmed and don't have a minute to spare.


This is your vision, your home and your life. You make the decisions, you set the stage. We are here to support your journey and enhance that experience by providing the tools and information necessary to feel prepared, focused and unstoppable. In construction, in your home and in your life.

Let me ask you this


I teach people how to create a space that supports and enhances the life you want to live.  A home that truly reflects your authentic style and is undeniably YOU.



... tired of all the conflicting advice and people's opinions of YOUR space.

... sick of sleepless nights thinking about which shade of paint is right.

... overwhelmed by all the decisions and options available.

... constantly wondering if you are doing the right thing or making the best choice.


... then DESIGN YOUR DREAM HOME is perfect for you!

Designing and building a home is a big deal. 

Let's acknowledge that right now!


There are an overwhelming amount of decisions to make and significant sums of money to be spent on a space that will literally shape the way you live your life. That's a lot of pressure. 

Not to mention the anxiety of what everyone thinks, the unfiltered advice from overly helpful friends and family and the general uncertainty of construction.

Put your mind at ease, get yourself an action plan and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

This course is not for the person looking to become an interior designer or arrange a collage wall, it’s for the homeowner looking to delve into every aspect of their future home.  Someone who has a unique vision for the way they want to live and are ready to create a space that reflects that.   

It’s everything you need to know to hold your own at the design table and the construction site.  To boldly design the life you have always dreamed of knowing you are supported by the best.


This is the chance for you to design the home of your dreams 




Your contractor is not an interior designer.  That showroom sales person does not see your entire vision.  YOU need to show up prepared and knowing what you want.  This is your space, your dream, your life.  Your home should be undeniably you and only YOU can create it. 


The building process is never easy. There WILL be issues.  Your sanity and determination will be tested beyond measure and you will wonder if you will ever get through this.


... BUT WITH THE HELP OF THIS COURSE, I will show you how to climb that mountain and you will come out the other side more capable than you ever knew and then get to live in the home of your dreams!


A new home is a goal for so many people, you’ve been reading magazines, creating inspiration boards and crunching numbers and it’s finally going to happen!  Yay!  And then you’re immediately OVERWHELMED by the 300+ decisions you have to make, the ANXIETY of what everyone thinks, the RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MATERIAL OPTIONS and yes, general UNCERTAINTY of construction - it quickly stops being fun. 


It seems to me you have two choices ...
I want my home to be ME!


I am here to truly prepare you for what lies ahead when building a home and I will be sharing my tips and strategies along the way that will make your project flow a lot smoother and help you feel more confident in your design.   

You’ll go at your own pace and if you do the homework and soul searching that I suggest you will have the clarity and confidence to create the home, and life, you’ve always wanted. 

Yes! I am ready!

Design Your Dream Home works

because it provides the framework and space to get clear on your vision, lays out the decisions you need to make while providing the background information necessary to make those decisions along with the confidence and clarity to know that what you want is valid and you can absolutely have it! 

This is your project, your home and your life - you get what you want!  I will show you how.

Building the right team is a large part of a successful project and I look forward to being part of that team but if you are unhappy for any reason after 7 days, you have my 100% risk-free, money back guarantee.

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I deserve my dream home!